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People struggling with behavior problems in dogs are easy prey. They are often desperate. They will try anything to help their dog and create a semblance of order in their lives. Even trainers and marketers with good intentions (but a load of BS) end up being able to take advantage of this desperation.

big white dog standing on hind legs looking into a man's face

This dog is not trying to assert her dominance over this man.

Whether we are hard-wired to conserve energy or have been conditioned to expecting quick fixes, our expectations regarding creating behavior change in dogs have been impacted. Our reasoning gets cloudy when we are given the choice of working with a trainer for several months or are offered an immediate, guaranteed “cure” for our dog’s behavioral challenges. Snake oil comes in many forms, but it’s still snake oil.

I have created this blog to feature some of the most prevalent and tempting mythologies (sh*t) about dogs and dog behavior. My goal is to keep you from stepping in it and tracking it all over the house.